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Completely automated SEO sounds too good to be true, although it would certainly be amazing. Since the future of SEO includes real relationships with other websites and online communities, contact with humans cannot be minimized and still plays a major role today.

Having said that, search engines are subject to a wide variety of techniques and we can still try ways to automate our SEO. More efficient processes allow us to produce results for our customers faster without affecting our work quality. With that being said, there are several ways you can automate your SEO.

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1. Auditing Your Professional SEO Site

I don’t think anybody’s 100% manually reviewing the SEO code of a website, at least not in a quick fashion. For technical audits, an application like SISTRIX can perform several platform audits at once.

SISTRIX provides many resources, but it is the most valuable of their on-page audit service. Moz, Screaming Frog, and Ahrefs’ latest Site Audit tool are other efficient on-site auditing software.

2. Custom reports in keyword positions

Most SEOs automate keyword tracking positions, but the tools which do this have various limitations inefficiently reporting to clients. For instance, white-label software used for reporting is often quite inflexible, offering only summaries in pdfs.

The most versatile and personalized approach is to use an application like Serpbook, which has the most cost-effective and user-friendly keyword tracking API. It is paired with a script that utomatically brings the data into Google Sheets. It helps to create graphs for regular keyword monitoring in a completely personalized way.

3. Score Checking as a Domain Authority

When building links, businesses regularly check the DA scores of websites to ensure that only high-quality links are created. Alternatively, some companies have been able to manually design a script in Google Sheets to look after their DA scores. It does not take too long to check manually, but it is a much faster process when automated, which will save you a lot of time in the long run.

4. Link Building – Follow Up Emails

Link building means reaching out to other websites and supplying them with some kind of value (perhaps a guest blog post) in exchange for a link.

This aspect of SEO involves real relationships with others and can never be completely automated because of this. Many companies have attempted to completely automate the initialemail reach to other websites and they simply don’t work as well as adjusting the outreach of each link opportunity. Humans are quick to distinguish these email templates and then ignore them.

Nonetheless, tracking is what can be automated. An interesting fact is that tailored emails also get ignored regularly, but it’s the follow-ups that can be automated to save more time.

This is why working with professionals to help automate your hair surgery business is crucial. You will be able to get better results faster. The benefits are unlimited! This includes saving your time, money, and you get the best results.

Do you want to improve your SEO without going through the hassle of finding out how to automate the process yourself? If you’re ready to utilize the full power of a professional marketing company and improve the marketing strategy of your company, contact us today

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