Case Studies

eFoil Los Angeles

This client approached us at the onset of the summer season, eager to launch a new website for his flagship product: Fliteboard. Most eCommerce sites take at least two months to build. However, we were able to work closely with the client to create their eCommerce site in just twenty days, complete with an anti-fraud system, extra security for customer payments, shipping functions, and more. We accomplished their full website…

Mission Community Hospital

In order to drive extensive results for our clients, we design and build a website based on our client’s unique goals and images. In this case, our client wanted a more modern design and, because there are so many important services offered by Mission Community Hospital, they wanted this design to include an effortless and intuitive UX experience. We made major updates to bring the user experience from the 2000s…

Imperial Garage Door

To achieve the best results for our client, we developed a customer journey and UX customized to align with the client’s unique brand. In this case, our client wanted a clean website, a gallery design to showcase their work, SEO optimization, and mobile-friendly interactivity. OUR OBJECTIVES Our plan of action begins and ends with the development of content to best support the client’s vision and growth—this invariably includes analyzing their…


15 Jan: Spectrum Medical

We worked with Spectrum Medical in optimizing their company name, logo, design and branding to reflect the company’s transition from exclusively X-Rays 29 years ago to selling all medical imaging equipment. Now, Spectrum runs amazing and conversion-focused ads that gives the clients an opportunity to see what they offer and an option to choose products online vs through printed catalogs!


15 Jan: Just Ride L.A.

Just Ride LA has seen a complete return on investment after just 1 month, and their sales continue to grow! A fantastic new website paired with a strong customized marketing mix including SEO, email newsletters and social media ads, has enabled our client to sell 2.5 times more online in the first three months with their new website than they did in the prior year with the old site.


15 Jan: LA FUE Hair Clinic

Over the course of the year, we were able to increase this client’s organic traffic by 27%. Moved from 36th to 1st on “los angeles hair replacement” which is an important keyword for this company. This keyword is one of the most competitive keywords and also one of the highest conversion rates among this keyword group. At the end of 2019, the client underwent a rebranding which involved a change…