Mission Community Hospital


In order to drive extensive results for our clients, we design and build a website based on our client’s unique goals and images. In this case, our client wanted a more modern design and, because there are so many important services offered by Mission Community Hospital, they wanted this design to include an effortless and intuitive UX experience. We made major updates to bring the user experience from the 2000s to the present day and created an easy navigation experience with web pages that now include new custom functionalities. After these changes to their site, our client experienced substantial growth in search engine hits, website visits, and site visit duration.

Research & Planning

Our Objectives

Our plan of action begins and ends with the development of content to best support the client’s vision and growth—this invariably includes analyzing their customers’ goals in addition to each facet and step of the user’s journey.


The customer journey begins when they find our client online. So we optimized the website with on and offsite content to significantly increase search engine hits.


With so many important services listed on the client’s website, our client needed a site that included a large variety and quantity of information without being overwhelming to the user. We built a website with intuitive navigation, quick links to important items, and customer-focused features to support an effortless UX experience.


Our website development process includes the highest standards in coding and compatibility with the latest browser technologies to produce a seamless interactive experience. We created web pages with custom functionalities and a CMS that allows for easy client customizability.

The Results

Utilising our extensive knowledge of SEO optimization, the latest technologies, and our own security system, we built a modern, intuitive, and user-friendly website while significantly increasing total page visits, site visit duration, and online search engine hits for our client.


Faster page speed provides a more efficient and engaging user experience, thereby increasing conversion.


All functions of the website follow HIPAA rules, which means all patients’ information that they input into the forms is secured and their personal information will not be saved or shared anywhere.


The client can track user acquisition, demographics, and user behavior.


Dynamic loading of large image files to ensure visitors experience a minimal wait.


Easily accessible features such as google translate, secure link to the third party to process payments, downloadable pre-admission forms, contact forms.


CMS allows for client customizability without knowledge of source code, HTML, or coding for ease of use and mail blasts.


PageSpeed Grade


Page Load




Link Monitor

Page Visits

From 2021 we increased users with a site visit duration of 30min - 1hr by 89.35%. We increased customers with a site visit duration of 1hr or more by 50%!

90% increased users with a site visit duration of 30 min.

50% increased users with a site visit duration of 1 hour or more.

May through June of 2012 saw 5,376 total page visits, compare that to May through June of 2021, which saw 47,854 total page visits – that’s a please calculate% increase!


It is clear from the results that we were successful at creating a substantially more effortless and effective user experience for our client’s website. The large increase in site visit duration in addition to total page visits is indicative of increased user engagement and overall connection with the brand product and site.